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    Congratulations on the Successful Signing Ceremony of Centralized Procurement in Wuxi.


    OnOctober 18th, 2019, the "Unveiling Ceremony of SunshinePurchasing Alliance of Wuxi Public Medical Institutions and the SigningCeremony of the First Round Medical Consumables Alliance Price Negotiation"is successfully held by Wuxi Medical and Health Insurance Bureau at Wuxi JunlaiHubin Hotel. The meeting was presided over by Yang Zhonghao, deputy director ofthe Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau. The director of the Municipal MedicalInsurance Bureau, Zhao Wei, introduced the situation of centralized procurement.The director of the National Medical Insurance Bureau Qian Juncheng and thedeputy mayor of Zhu Aixun unveiled the Sunshine Purchasing Alliance.

    As thefirst successful bidder for medical polymer splint, our company signed acontract with People's Hospital of Wuxi Huishan District and signed a live cooperationagreement with 25 medical institutions, accounting for 60% of the demand share,and the purchase amount reached more than 3 million yuan. The signing of thecontract basically covers the public medical institutions in Wuxi.

    Withgreat honor, our company is to speak on behalf of the domestic manufacturers,fully affirming the principle of open, fair and fair evaluation of thecollection. Our company won the first successful bidder with its brand strengthand good reputation, and promised quality and quantity on site, to ensure thetimely supply of this collection, it is highly recognized and highly praised bythe leaders.

    The successful signing of this Wuxi collection and miningmarks the first victory of our company in the collection. It provides practicalsamples and valuable experience for the selection of other mining areas in thefuture collection. Our company will be confident and full of enthusiasm to meetthe collection work of all other cities and regions.




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